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Tudor Did It!  Winning App Game from Barnet School pupils is launched

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A group of school children who entered a competition to design and create a game get the chance to play it this week as the winning app is now launched.

Pupils from Tudor Primary School in Finchley won the @mybarnet competition run by Capita, in partnership with Barnet Council and Excite-ed, a company that specialises in teaching digital game development to teachers and youngsters. They competed against more than 700 local pupils to be crowned winners.

They celebrated their win at a special launch event at Manorside Primary School in North Finchley on Thursday January 8 with other school children who took part. They will also be presented with their prize of a set of mini iPads.

The game, called Barnet Run, is a treasure hunt where players have to collect keys to unlock clues and facts about Barnet as they travel through the borough’s streets, learning about the history and culture of the area as they go. The app is available to download from online app stores.

The competition was designed to creatively address the IT skills gap and give youngsters in Barnet the experience and knowledge of the tech industry.

Head of Tudor Primary School, Jude Stone, says: “The children were incredibly excited to see their game come to life and to play it, especially on the big screen. They learnt a lot about the process of creating an app using their own ideas and about their Barnet community when they were creating and designing the game. All of the pupils at Tudor Primary have enjoyed being part of this competition. We are really proud of the children.”

Robert MacDougall, Capita’s Transformation Director for the Customer and Support Group (CSG) partnership with Barnet Council, says: “There was some tough competition, but overall the judges decided Barnet Run was the game that best got to the heart of the competition.

“It’s a really inventive and fun game, and the children can be very proud of coming up with something that will let people find out more about Barnet’s interesting history. I had a go at the game myself and it is a challenge to play! We hope that the children will continue to build on the skills they have developed and apply them to their school and personal lives.”

Julia Bateson, Managing Director of Excite-ed, says: “This is the first time we have run a competition like this and the outstanding quality of the entries goes to show how hard the children worked on their games, and understood the process of app development.

“Engaging young people with technology at an early age is absolutely vital in helping them develop the skills they’ll need later on in life but we also wanted to show them how apps can be used to help their community and improve the lives of residents in Barnet.”

Nine schools took part in the competition, with Tudor Primary School being crowned the winners in July. Some ideas that runners-up Manorside Primary School in Finchley and Wessex Gardens Primary School in Golders Green had included in their games have also been incorporated into the winning game. They each won £500 to spend on digital technology, with Manorside choosing iPads and Wessex Gardens opting for a robotic arm.