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Cybersafe is in app stores now!

*** Please play our game and support our cause to stamp out cyberbullying! ***
Cybersafe is an app created by students from Goffs School UK to help children deal with cyberbullying through gaming.
This app contains 3 fun mini games – each tackling a different issue chosen by the students.

We are really ‘excite-ed’ that the Big Lottery funded Cybersafe’s production and that we have the chance to help our peers on a global scale.

Social enterprises are using technology to innovate and educate. Photograph: Alamy

Excite-ed aid innovation in education

New technology is an area that is arguably easier for a small social enterprise to innovate than an entire school or local authority. Excite-Ed was launched by Julia Bateson in 2011, following training at the School for Social Entrepreneurs after her redundancy as a local authority adviser for study support and extended learning. Excited-Ed works within schools helping children (and teachers) create computer games that teach both digital and social skills. Bateson said: “Everyone can see the pace, growth and influence of digital and social media and as a former teacher and a parent to two young children I felt passionate about creating a social enterprise that would empower children in schools to apply their digital ‘expertise’ in the form of learner led innovation.”
Read more of The Guardian’s feature on Excite-ed CIC

child with ipad iphone

Mobiles and tablets are helpful and interesting tools

Kids who are interacting with the screen get better much faster, make fewer mistakes and learn faster” Heather Kirkorian
University of Wisconsin
Research from the University of Wisconsin, presented at a meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development this week, found that children aged between two and three were more likely to respond to video screens that prompted children to touch them than to a video screen that demanded no interaction.