Benefits to teachers and adults working with youth

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PlanetExcite-ed is a resource site offering quality training and materials to facilitate learning and personal development.

  • Excite-ed trains you by playing games
    Excite-ed training is no ordinary course – you get to have fun learning through game play, the same way children and young people do; gaining insights into algorithms the fun way! You will find out how gaming links to learning and digital literacy
  • Relief!
    Some of us are computing experts, but most of us aren’t.  Many of us worry or even fear technology and yet we are expected to teach it. Excite-ed supports you to become confident facilitators so you have the satisfaction of turning young people into experts by learning from them
  • Learning together
    Take the pressure off by learning together, problem solving together and creating amazing, purposeful products that far exceed expectation
  • Computer Expert? You can gain too
    Excite-ed provides a ‘scaffolded’, computing, professional development approach designed to empower adults who may believe that their understanding of digital literacy is limited. This assists those of you who do have expertise to support a motivated work force with tools and materials that are developmental, flexible and easy to use
  • Improved confidence and job satisfaction
    Teachers tell us that their confidence, enjoyment and job satisfaction grows when they work with us
    “I have been up-skilled in the way I structure activities in lessons and the nature of the tasks set. Giving students flexibility and choice in how they complete a task. Spending more time on design.”  Secondary teacher 2013
    “It has been great to talk about new things with children and developing new things.” Primary teacher 2013
    As you learn together, confidence and enjoyment soars as you simultaneously learn at a comfortable, personalised pace. Excite-ed provides professional development using action research methodology
  • Better understanding
    As you learn together you gain a sense of keeping up with the youth of today and are better equipped to support their digital lives both as teachers and as parents
  • Computing knowledge applied to real life
    Apply the Computing Curriculum through the real and purposeful world of online game design. In some cases you get to work alongside industry professionals“The club has been fantastically supported by Excite-ed.” Teacher 2013
    Draft Computing Curriculum (February 13)  PlanetExcite-ed and the New ICT Curriculum
  • Understanding of the games industry
    Gain knowledge, interaction and insight into the global video game market

Level 1 Training Evaluation Survey