Excite-ed empowers adults and inspires youth to prepare for the digital world and to make a social impact using online game design.

PlanetExcite-ed is a resource site offering quality games and apps to aid learning and personal development. PlanetExcite-ed is a resource site where you can choose to:

  • play quality games and apps to aid learning and personal development
  • find out about training to deliver online game design in clubs and curriculum time
  • learn about the world of gaming and how it relates to the digital world
  • access click and go resources to deliver any of our programmes to age 7-14 year olds

Benefits to 7-14 year olds

Digital Youth in the 21st Century - prepared to compete in the global market

  • A creative approach

    Engaging youth in purposeful computing learning to apply their digital literacy skills

    “It improves creativity and helps to explain about game creating and what makes a good game.” Primary student SROI 2013

  • A computer science approach

    Using game design to enthusiastically understand and apply algorithms

  • Critical and analytical thinking

    is used and developed to solve problems within game designs

  • Tackling worries

    Using appealing game design technology to develop peer to peer 'student voice' support

  • Inter-generational community

    Excite-ed brings people of all ages together to share a common interest, developing relationships, friendships and community cohesion.

  • A digital identity

    A personalised method, using our youth's digital culture, to give education relevance and purpose

  • A can-do attitude

    We provide safe, enjoyable activities to raise self-esteem and experience risk taking through computing

Global Gaming Industry

The digital world has changed everything - our lives are wired

  • Skills for work

    “Top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.” (Riley 2010)

  • Skills shortage

    “The game and visual arts industries suffer from an education system that doesn’t understand our needs.” (Livingstone & Hope - nextgen 2011)

  • Only 20% of the gaming industry is female

    “The lack of female workers in the game industry suggests a loss of future career opportunities for women.” (Wikipedia 2013) Yet 47% of gamers are women (ESA 2011)

  • Online danger

    “Risk averted society encourages online risk.” (Tanya Byron 2012) 1.4M UK youth have their own webpage

  • Digital teachers

    72% teachers never play computer games. 84% youth play games at least once a fortnight

  • Digital youth

    90% teenagers have a home computer, mobile phone and game console

  • Future employment

    It is estimated that today’s learner will have had 10-14 jobs by the age of 38. (Shift Happens 2011)

  • Discover hidden talents

    Develop aspirations to turn computing hobbies into careers

    “I now know how to design apps so it will give me an advantage,” Primary student 2013

    68% 7-14yr olds report that they would like to work in the game design industry as a result of participating in Excite-ed programmes. SROI 2013


Case Study
Excite-ed does make a social impact!

£4.84 of social value is created for every pound invested by schools or centres in […]



Case Study
High Tech Solution to Cyber-Bullying

A SCHOOL in Cheshunt is tackling bullying through technology thanks to working with Excite-ed.


Goffs Cyberbully World App Game Students
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